Investment Criteria

Yorkshire Equity makes investments where:

  • We have industry or business model experience
  • We believe in the potential of the business
  • Our values are aligned with management
  • We can see ways to bring the benefit of our experience to support the growth of the company

We are most interested in businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Industrial companies with a differentiated business model
  • Current EBITDA between $2M and $6M
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • North America-based

We are interested in many ownership situations:

  • Current owners looking for a financial partner with access to capital and significant operating experience to help propel the company to the “next level”
  • Current owners who are looking to move out of day-to-day operations and are looking for support in managing that transition
  • Existing management teams that need to be supplemented by key executives with specific knowledge and experience
  • Private Equity investors that are contemplating a transaction where the operating experience of any of the Yorkshire partners can add value as a co-investor/board member

Whatever the type of investment, we can assure complete confidentiality and a timely response to any opportunity presented.