Yorkshire Equity was formed to offer business sellers and managers, an alternative to the traditional private equity approach. The partners at Yorkshire are primarily business operators who happen to make investments.

Our primary question when we evaluate an opportunity is “is this a great business we can help make greater still?”

We believe that our values, our experience and our focus on alignment, set us apart from other investors in the markets we operate. Our vision is to be active investors in a handful of great businesses.

Having started a successful operating business ourselves and written payroll checks with no certainty of revenue, we have the utmost respect for true entrepreneurs and enjoy working with special types of people who have created something unique in business. We understand that a change in ownership is a significant event for sellers of businesses, their families and their management teams. Our backgrounds allow us to be sensitive to the need to build on the legacy the seller has created. We are very flexible in terms of involving previous owners in the business after a transaction. If the current owner has a desire to exit the business, we can promise a transition that is focused on the needs of the owner as well as the business. We also will always recognize the contributions of the people that remain after a transaction and aim to structure the company to allow them to benefit from future value creation. We define success not based on closing deals, but on adding value to make great businesses even greater.
Our agenda is simple: We want to be part of great businesses. We don’t want to take over day-to-day operations but we do believe we can provide help at an “active board” level. We have access to great resources and have developed operating tools that are generally not available to smaller companies.
The help we can offer is based on more than 75 years of combined experience in many different businesses. Our successes and failures come from working for global companies such as Ford; from consulting companies such as MillerCoors, Corning and RE/MAX: from launching a very successful “start-up”; to operating a global manufacturing business with an enterprise value of a $1 billion with 3,000 employees in 30 countries. We’ve personally dealt with growing and shrinking challenges and have managed the day-to-day issues that can only be experienced at the operating level. We look at every situation from the perspective of operators, with a fundamental belief that good strategic and operating decisions will create far more value than financial engineering will.